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Needle Detector,Auto Needle Detector,Platform Needle Detector,Hand hold Metal Detector,Under Ground Metal Detector,Walk-through Metal Detector
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 Auto Needle Detector
  JZQ-630 Auto Needle Detector
  JZQ-630K Auto Needle Detector
  QZD-600K Auto Needle Detector
  QZD-600S Auto Needle Detector
  QZD-2000 Auto Needle Detector
  DN-8500 Auto Needle Detector
  DN-8500-2 Auto Needle Detector
  JZQ86B Platform Needle Detector
 Hand Hold Needle Detector
  TY-20MJ Needle Detector
  TY-28MJ Needle Detector
 Food Metal Detectors
Food metal detectors
  DLM-508K All Metal Detectors
  DLM-506B Food metal detectors
  DLM-502 Food metal detectors
  DLM-500 Food metal detectors
 Walk-Through Metal Detector
  LX-II Walk-through Metal Detector
  LED Walk-through Metal Detector
  LCD Walk-through Metal Detector
Walk-through Metal Detector
 Under Ground Metal Detector
  MD-5008 Metal Detector
  VR-800 Metal Detector
  VR-1000B Metal Detector
  MD-3010 Metal Detector
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About us

LX METAL DETECTING EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD Is committed to a metallic foreign body detection technology, equipment, tools of professional R & D, production and sale of scientific and technological enterprises. Involved in the toy industry products Clothing Metal Detector Instrument(Automatic Needle Detector,Desktop Needle Detector,Handheld Needle Detector);Food and chemical industry metal detectors Series;Safety and security metal detector Series(Hand-held metal detector,Walk-through metal detector gate);Underground metal detector.

From product development, production to sales and after-sales service are strictly in accordance with ISO2000 international quality standard system requirements,The whole process of establishing a set of strict quality management and assurance system,Since its creation has been focusing on integrity and good reputation,With dedication, pragmatic, high-quality, efficient work attitude and excellent technical power to win support for a large number of users.LX's products and services occupy the country and exported to the world,All conventional models with a large number of perennial shelf equipment,Is China the most powerful metal detector equipment suppliers.

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JZQ-630Needle Detector JZQ-630K Needle Detector DN-8500 Needle Detector DN-8500-2 Needle Detector
JZQ-630Auto Needle Detector JZQ-630KAuto Needle Detector DN-8500Auto Needle Detector DN-8500-2Auto Needle Detector
TY-20MJ Needle Detector LX-LED Walk-through Metal Detector LX-LCD Walk-through Metal Detector MD-5008 Under Ground Metal Detector
TY-20MJ Hand hold Needle Detector LX-LED Walk-through Metal Detector LX-LCD Walk-through Metal Detector MD-5008 Under Ground Metal Detector
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